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Jan. 26th, 2007 | 07:42 am
location: home
posted by: eurii in liebe_health

workout - la chica dance thing.. mexican dance. This lady was a little easier to follow, but I still didn't like it too much.

breakfast - 10:45am
maple and brown sugar oatmeal
1 glass milk

lunch - 1pm
wendy's spicy chicken sandwich
french fries
dr. pepper

snack - 4pm

dinner - 9pm


bad day for me. I've found that my commute home from work every night has been lulling me into a sleepiness that is hard to overcome. I start out the drive all awake and aware, and by the end of the drive I am so sleepy.. My eyes are heavy and the last thing I want to do is cook. Sometimes I can force myself to cook, but when we are low on food in the house anyways, it's a little more difficult. I really need to go shopping, but we missed our shopping trip last Sunday, and I REALLY hate going shopping on the weekdays cause then I don't get home til like 9:30 and I don't get to eat til 10 or 10:30. So this week has sucked cause we don't have much food and I'm just scrounging around. And yesterday I ran out of lunch foods.. Thus the Wendy's. And I don't know what I will eat today. poopyness

I've been reading this new book by FlyLady (yes I've really gotten into her) called Body Clutter. It really tries to dive into the true reasons we overeat or treat our bodies badly.. Cause of clutter we've been letting stock up in our hearts or minds over the years, and then we unconsciously use food to cover up the clutter. I keep thinking of you when I read it cause I think you would benefit from it just like I am, and yeah.. It is making me think of things in a new way, and realizing some of the things that might be making me treat my body poorly. Last night I was reading the chapter on forgiveness, and that's actually something I've been working on is forgiving those who have wronged me.. but then she wrote how we need to forgive ourselves for things that we feel we've done wrong. I think that one might be much harder for me. I carry so much guilt over millions of things that have happened in my life.. I would love to forgive myself for those things and move on. I think that might be a lot of my clutter right there.

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